Raffld Winners Box

Designing the Physical UX to enhance the winning experience

Product Case Study

the winning UX / unboxing userflow / brand extention
Raffld Winners

In house at Lottovate - who build, launch and invest in new lottery businesses

Core Team

Fabian (business project manager)
Black Tomato (external prize agency)
Tracy (freelance graphic designer)
Myself (lead product designer)

My Role

Art direction, brand strategy lead


3 month side project to the main Raffld product. With a strict deadline to be ready to order 4 weeks before product launch


Raffld - the Experience Lottery sends a winners package to winning players to further increase the ‘winning feeling’ by surprising them with a box of goodies. This includes a GoPro to capture their holiday memories when they go on their winning trip.


Create a 'wow' Unboxing moment

Creating unboxing anything and everything videos has been a constant trend since 2006. Raffld wanted to create a ‘wow’ unboxing moment for their winners in the hope that they would create their own videos and share on social media. Videos from genuine winners showing honest reactions would help raise trust and brand awareness for Raffld as it’s a completely new product in the market.

The Approach

Focussing on the users winners

This project is unusual in that we couldn’t test it on our users (unless we just wanted to give away free stuff - unfortunately not in budget).

However we did put all the focus on the user experience of opening the box, receiving unexpected rewards and reading the bespoke itinerary, with attention to personal touches. All to enhance the winning experience and feeling before going away on their trip.

Real Raffld Winners
Real Raffld Winners
Real Raffld Winners


Defining what's in a Winners Box

Our prize agency were already busy sourcing trips for the Raffld prizes when discussions began regarding what should be included in a winners box along with the trip itinerary.

Initial box map to show what could be included in the winners box.
Initial box map

An experience specific guidebook was later removed due to budget costs and not a wide enough range of books available to cover all prize destinations. A snippet of this type of content was added to the bespoke itinerary instead.

Early prototype box brought in by the prize agency with a range of branded products to kick off discussions
Prototype box top
Prototype box open

The prototype box included a GoPro 5, a selfie stick, power bank, luggage tag, passport holder, social media card and an A5 internal box containing the trip itinerary.

A black finish on the contents gives a consistent and elegant feel although this is completely off brand and not exciting to look at. The branded items aren’t very recognisable from a photograph. As we want our winners to share images and videos of the ‘unboxing’ on social media it’s vital that the brand stands out.

Discussing placement of items, alternative product colours, print methods and packing options.
Early box prototype discussion
Prototype embossing branding example
Prototype packing example

Embossing the branding on a black box is too subtle and wouldn’t show up well on ‘unboxing’ images/videos on social media. Alternative and cheaper solutions for packaging the contents don’t give the wow factor that’s required.

Main Challenges

Slow Decisions

The main challenge was the large lead times waiting on quotes and samples from suppliers whilst still moving the project forward. It proved vitally important to see and test each product, as a result the original selfie stick was replaced with the GoPole stick as it felt sturdier and like a higher quality product.

To keep track of product and design decisions we used a living document in google drive and a trello board to keep track of print specifications, and final artwork.

Trello screenshots once all the artwork was finalised
Trello Boards
Trello Boards

The Trello board featured the following board headings:

  • To do
  • Specs (all supplier specs for reference)
  • Decisions Made (containing print colour choices)
  • In progress
  • Under Review
  • Marketing Review
  • Finished Artwork
  • Reference (to other working documents)
  • Questions

All print ready artwork was uploaded to the board to keep everything in one place.

Cost Savings

Less is More

We asked people of our target audience age and Dutch colleagues around the office in case of a difference in cultural behaviour what their thoughts were on passport holders. Many said they found them ‘useless’ and annoying as you have to remove the passport before going through security. Again it wouldn’t add anything to the winning experience by including in the box and could most likely become a cost on an item that might get discarded.

As with the passport holders we considered many options for luggage tags however all options felt quite cheap on close inspection and didn’t seem to add enough to justify the costs.

Removing the passport holder and luggage tag also meant we could order smaller flat pack boxes from Foldabox that made a huge saving as the original box was custom made.

A very small downside is that the ‘off the shelf’ box is deeper than needed adding to the foam costs, however the overall cost saving is huge and only needing 4 cutouts in the foam resulted in a less cluttered look than the original box, this also produced an unexpected option to use 2 colour foam insert. Again this added a extra detail and flourish to the overall effect making a feature of the deep cutouts for tidy leads and straps.

Luggage tag options we considered and later decided against
Suitcase Shaped Luggage Tags
Round Luggage Tags
Rectangular Luggage Tags
Box cost comparisons of custom made verus Foldabox (based on an order of 52 boxes a year)
Original Box Costs
New Box Costs

Box Approval

The Finishing Touches

To build upon the anticipation of 'unboxing' I suggested we added a white piece of card below the handwritten letter as the tissue paper is transparent and the goodies can already be seen, as shown in the image below.

Final winners box sample for approval
Winner Box Approval

The all important

Bespoke Itinerary

The prizes for Raffld's weekly prize draw are experience trips for up to 4 people from the following 4 categories:

  • 360° Adventure,
  • City All Access,
  • Bucketlist Tickets,
  • Recharge Break.

The winning group or individual assigns a team leader to liaise with the prize agency the dates they wish to travel. As soon as the booking is finalised a bespoke itinerary booklet is created from the category specific templates. The finished itinerary is added to the box of goodies and sent to the team leader.

Pages from proposed itinerary from Black Tomato (Raffld's prize agency)
Proposed Itinerary Cover
Proposed Itinerary Intro
Proposed Itinerary page
Proposed Vamoos App page

The proposed itinerary put forward by Black Tomato contained a lot of useful information but it didn’t have the wow factor, the information felt generic and images were of destinations all over the world that didn’t relate to the trip. Therefore we decided to take it in house and pay close attention to the details, bespoke to each group’s trip with high quality gloss paper and professionally printed for sharp image clarity.

In many ways the itinerary is the most important element in the winner’s box containing:

  • The planned journey of the trip.
  • Itinerary of what they are doing each day including the special Raffld activity.
  • Extra bespoke information about their destination, suggested restaurants and packing tips etc.
  • Images of their upcoming trip as seen on the web app to show consistency and familiarity.
  • Customised iconography relevant to activities the winners are doing from our icon set.

Our hope is that all the attention to detail in the bespoke itinerary will create something the winners might want to keep as a souvenir. As a result each person in the group receives their own booklet with the added personal touch of their name handwritten on the cover and a hand printed embossed metallic ink “R’ winner” stamp.

Itinerary booklet test printed with comb wire binding or stapes
Itinerary Test Versions
All 4 itinerary templates created in Adobe InDesign. From left to right: 360° Adventure itinerary example with real trip content, City All Access, Bucketlist Tickets and Recharge Break itinerary template layouts.
Raffld 360° Adventure itinerary example
Raffld City All Access itinerary template layout
Raffld Bucketlist Tickets itinerary template layout
Raffld Recharge Break itinerary template layout

Final Product

'Unboxing' User Flow

Unboxing flow image 1
Fig 1.
Unboxing flow image 2
Fig 2.
Unboxing flow image 3
Fig 3.
Unboxing flow image 4
Fig 4.
Unboxing flow image 5
Fig 5.
Unboxing flow image 6
Fig 6.
  • Fig 1. - Winner's Box with Raffld Branding printed in blue foil.
  • Fig 2. - Magnetic closure for easy opening. White tissue and R' Winner stamp sticker.
  • Fig 3. - Handwritten personalised congratulations note from the Raffld Team on top of a piece of white card.
  • Fig 4. - The 'goodies' are revealed including a GoPro & GoPole.
  • Fig 5. - A5 'Time to Make Memories' box printed in blue foil.
  • Fig 6. - Box contains: x4 Itineraries, x4 Raffld Winners Cards, x1 SD memory card for the GoPro.

Final Product

It's All About the Details

Details inside the Raffld Winners Box
Raffld Winners Box

Raffld Winners open box of goodies: GoPro, GoPole selfie stick, power bank and itinerary box

Raffld Winners Box

The foam insert features two colour lamination with deep cutouts for tidy leads and straps

Raffld Winners Box

R' Winner card (front) displaying the R' Winner stamp

Raffld Winners Box

R' Winner card (back) displaying social media information

Bespoke itinerary found inside the ‘Time to Make Memories…’ box
Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

360° Adventure itinerary front cover with embossed R' Winner Stamp

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

Itinerary flight details page with custom icons and airport code

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

Itinerary hotel details page and transport icon to destination

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

Information page including info on the hotel and destination

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

A list of restaurants to try near the hotel from a range a price points

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

'Good to know' travel tips and information for trip destination

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

Packing list tailored to destination and season of travel

Itinerary Booklet Front Cover

Itinerary back page with the more impactful launch tagline


Winner Reactions

Everything was delivered on time to be sent to the first Raffld winners after the product launched. I’m really happy we cut some items in order to maintain a high standard, this also helped deliver the box under budget which delighted the financial director.

We had a great reaction from our winners as can be seen in the video below by fightflightfreeze who took 3 mates to Madeira to swim with dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sound On

Raffld Winner: Vera, who won a trip to dive between the tectonic plates in Iceland with 3 friends.

“It was fantastic… it was very nice that everything was so well organised and clearly described in the travel guide, also very personal. The mail contact in advance was also excellent. All the surprises made it complete: the business class trip, the GoPro and the written notes and flippers in our rooms.”
Image taken by Vera of her Raffld Winners Box
Image taken by Vera

On Reflection

Final Thoughts

It was really fun working on this project and very rewarding to see the genuine reactions from winners when they opened the box.

Throughout the entire process it was really important to me to not only consider the brand and keep consistency across every touch point but make our winners to feel as though they were winning something all over again. With a high attention to the smallest details especially in the bespoke itinerary booklets.

One of the biggest learnings from this project is that it’s ok not to settle on something that doesn’t feel right, a better solution can be found, sometimes that better option is to remove it. I found that pushing back on the prize agency to find better products or give a wider range of product price points really paid off in the end even if at times it felt like one step forwards two steps back. Unlike other digital Raffld products, there was no allowance for iteration everything had to be right for the very first winners.